Community Development Practice Methods

Malcom Knowles- to do

To Do's (from above video)

1. Ensure that the physical environment is appropriate for the group. It is beneficial to have an informal setting so that people are comfortable when they arrive. Make sure that the sound and light are adequate.

2. In addition to the physical environment one must ensure that the psychosocial environment is welcoming as well. This means creating a space of respect, support, and acceptance.

3. Malcolm Knowles suggests that adults learn best when they have identified their own learning needs. Help the learners diagnose their learning needs from the beginning.

4. People will be more engaged if they are involved in the planning of activities.

5. Remember, there is mutual responsibility between the facilitator and the participants.

6. Use methods that take advantage of the learner’s prior knowledge. This way, they will feel valued as contributing participants and will be more engaged in the process. Also emphasis the practical, ‘real life’ implications of the material being learned.

7. Adults like to solve puzzles. It is key to include them in the problem solving strategies. Participants may be able to take more ownership of their learning when this happens.